Find your local gold/silver dealer!

3 Easy Steps How to Sell Gold and Silver!

  1. 1. Know What You Have
Use the gold and silver value calculators and get the estimated value of your jewelry and scrap gold. Sort by karat and weigh or make a weight guess (a nickle weighs 5 grams). It is better to make a rough estimate than none at all. (Note: a troy ounce of gold weighs 31.1 grams not 28!)

  1. 2. Find a Gold/Silver Buyer in the Directory
Compare gold and silver dealers to get the best cash for gold. Use the directory to call the listed dealers, and tell them what you have to sell. (eg18kjewelry). Ask them what they will pay per gram.Spending time on the phone to find the best price for your gold and silver will not only save you time but also get you the best price for your gold or silver. It is important to remember to get the gold buy price in grams for the karat of gold you have.

  1. 3. Sell Your Gold and Silver and Get Cash
When you take your gold into the dealer they will test the purity (karat). This is beneficial. A good reputable dealer will tell you exactly what your scrap gold /silver and/or jewelry weighs and will make you an offer. Make sure that they quote you the price per gram they quoted on the phone.