Is it time to buy American Eagle silver bullion coins?

Silver Eagle Coins

Silver coins are finally available for sale with no restriction limits. There were previously restrictions on how many American Eagle silver bullion coins could be purchased and there were limited authorized purchasers allowed to buy these coins in bulk. The U.S. mint released a statement that these coins are now available from authorized purchasers, i.e., coin dealers, brokerage companies, and intermediate buyers that sell in bulk.

Silver is a great investment to have in your portfolio. It is often one of the most underrated metals in the world. It is highly used in society today and will continue to be in demand. It is found in many versions, such as; silver coins, bars, numismatics, and what is termed “junk coins.”   Junk coins are silver coins made in the U.S. with 90% silver and are pre-1965. Numismatic coins are collector coins that are based on the year, quality, and rarity of the coin.

Numismatic coins can be very valuable and easy to make money with if you know what you are doing. This should be left to the coin experts and dealer and not handled by people that are not familiar with coins and their values. There are quite a lot of dishonest brokers out there that can tell you coins are worthless and you may believe them if you haven’t checked their value.


That is why U.S. coins that are junk coins or coins from the mint are the best. They have a standard value, regardless of condition. They also have the lowest premium to buy when it comes to silver. The silver coins from the mint are very important as part of your portfolio and are valuable, but the premium is a little higher than what you would pay for a junk coin.

If you are purchasing coins due to fear of the federal reserve crashing and having to use a barter system, it is best to stick with U.S. coins that are junk coins or from the mint, since local people will not know the value of a numismatic trade. Having a stock pile of silver is not a bad idea and a great way to trade and barter if the U.S. dollar crashes and we have to move away from paper money in the marketplace.

So, why silver? Silver is a great conductor, malleable, and it is resistant to corrosion. That makes it great for use in industrial and electronic applications. Silver is used in the production of solar panels and can be found in batteries and automobiles. Silver can also be found in healthcare equipment and in electronic components. Silver is even found in ointments used in the hospital to treat burns. CD’s and DVD’s use silver coatings to prevent from being scratched or pitted. Silver is also present in cell phones, which is one of the hottest things in use in the world today. Silver is used in many applications in the world today and is only being used even more due to its affordability and excellent properties.Invest in Silver Eagles

It is important to note that the mining of gold to silver ratio is 17:1 and the payout for silver is not at the rate as of now, due to inflation and other issue relating to the U.S. paper currency. It was at this ratio at points in the past and may get to this ratio once again. That is why you want to invest now, when the rate to buy in is fairly low. Then you will hold your silver until you get to a ratio closer to the past ratio of 17:1. Silver coins are definitely one of the easiest ways to invest.

The silver market is predicted to grow, due to the investing of money into renewable energy and solar panels. Silver is used in these products and is getting an increase in use. As long as you buy in when the market is low and wait to sell when the market is higher, you will have a great investment in silver and come out ahead. Watch for pitfalls and dealers that are not trustworthy and keep your eye on the market and you should do great in the silver investment world.